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This is not about mental illness. This is not about diagnosis or treatment. This is about learning to listen and how to be heard.

This is not





This is about

asserting your needs and understanding your partners. Communication is everything. Learning who you are as a couple and how you interact can generate the deepest connection and comfort. We identify vicious cycles, we look for patterns, and we see what impact each individual's contributions are having.


I utilize techniques taken from Emotionally Focused Therapy. We look at both parties in the relationship and identify communication styles. Then we try and establish the negative cycle/pattern that both partners typically engage in. In helping each partner identify their own feelings in times of conflict and their reaction to their spouses we can start to mend those broken bonds that are fostered due to miscommunication.

"I feel as if we are constantly arguing over the same thing...and it goes no where."

Couples Sessions are 50min and $125 per session
90min sessions are $140 per session
*First time clients are strongly advised to secure a 90 min session.
I am not accepting insurance at this time.



Is there anything more terrifying than dating? Putting your heart on the line? Guessing and seconding guessing what is most important. You want to know you are making the best decisions. The piece of mind to say yes or no.

"It's so much harder than swipe left or right."

Ironically, looking for companionship can be a very lonely process. The anxiety over who to meet, where to go, and what to do can be overwhelming. Friends and family can be so difficult to talk to. Everyone has an opinion. But what about your opinion? How do you harness the ability to listen to you? We will look at what challenges you personally, confront the thoughts that cause anxiety or fear, and replace them with confident thinking. That allows you to feel self-assured and comfortable not just in dating, but in all situations.


Singles sessions are 50mins at $125 per session
or a 4 week session package is $425.
I am not accepting insurance at this time.
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