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"The salt sea was frozen on her breast, the salt tears in her eyes, and he saw her hair like the brown sea-weed on the billows fall and rise." Longfellow, The Wreck of the Hesperus

I just love this quote. In fact I love this whole dang poem! So much it's etched down my arm in ink for all eternity. So what the heck does it mean? For me, it is a reminder of how vast the ocean can be. In working with people and their emotions anything can be just under the water's surface. So often we feel frozen and like we are just bobbing around directionless. I have often felt this personally. Every day I am looking inward to see how I feel about clients, family, friends and my reaction to all of it.

I know personally the challenges that I aim to assist people in solving. My husband and family are the biggest pains in my posterior but are also the most feeling things I have ever experienced. They make me feel it all. Highs, lows, extreme comfort and extreme anxiety. Some times it is frightening to love others so deeply. However, it is the stuff that makes life glorious.

I graduated from North Carolina State University in 2006 with my BA in Psychology. I have my MA in Mental Health Counseling from Wake Forest University, and am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counseling Associate in North Carolina. I have my Prepare Enrich facilitator certification and have 25 hours of training from the nationally recognized Emotionally Focused Therapists externship in NC. I am certified in Identifying Female Sexual Dysfunction. 
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