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Before saying "I do" make sure you let your partner know I do know how to understand what you are telling me.

Getting married is an amazing adventure! There are so many wonderful emotions to process. It can also be a very overwhelming experience. Communication with your partner is vital. From the very first date till your 50th anniversary. As a certified facilitator of the Prepare Enrich premarital curriculum and assessment, I can analyze your nine areas of greatest concern for premarital couples and assist with navigating issues that might be of pressing concern or could potentially cause a few hiccups down the road. These courses are offered in a four week series and are 90mins each. It allows us to cover approximately two/three major topics per session.



*This is not a faith based curricula. The Prepare Enrich assessment is for all couples and beliefs. I cater to individual beliefs with an emphasis on communication patterns and how to express and receive personal opinion about the nine key topics outlined in the assessment.

The premarital series for four weeks, 90mins each, is
$500* for the package.
*This includes your Prepare Enrich assessment fee.
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